Hotel Star Rating

The information on the star rating of hotels provided on the hotel reservation service Ostrovok.Ru (hereinafter “Service”) is obtained from the hotels, their duly authorized agents and distributors or any other of their representatives. The Service shall not be liable for possible errors and mistakes in the specified star rating and whether the quality of the hotel services provided by hotel conform with the specified category.

Please be aware that the information that is specified on the Service regarding the star rating of the hotel located in the Russian Federation may not correspond to the hotel classification category obtained by hotel in compliance with the Russian Federation statutory requirements.  

The Service shall not be liable for failing to specify a star rating for the hotel. The assignment of a hotel star rating is required by the Order of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation No. 1215 dated 11.07.2014 “About the procedure for the approval of the classification of tourism industry facilities, including hotels and other places of accommodation, ski trails, and beaches as performed by accredited organizations”. The Service shall not be liable for the adequacy of the information that is provided by hotel regarding the ownership of the star rating in accordance with the above-mentioned Order.

 To obtain the authoritative information regarding the official star rating of hotel located in the Russian Federation, we recommend consulting the federal list of tourism facilities at