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Hotel reservation service Ostrovok.Ru (hereinafter “Service”) is an informative technological online platform for hotels reservation. The Service is available for customers under the conditions of royalty-free, simple and non-exclusive license.

 All information on hotels included in the information database and available for reservation via the Service and the conditions of making and cancelling (changing) reservation are provided by hotels, duly authorized agents and distributors or any other representatives.

 The Service shall not be liable for possible incorrectness and mistakes in description, prices and other information on hotels and rooms, including for non-correspondence/ not complete correspondence of hotels to the photographic images provided and included in the Service information database.   

 The information on hotels included in the information database is provided to a customer“as is” without warranty of any kind. The Service shall not be liable for accuracy and completeness of the provided information including hotel description, price, reservation price, rooms available and reservation cancellation policy.   

 While choosing hotel, a customer must be attentive and take into account the information on the quality of the hotel services provided by hotel, customers reviews and existing hotel ratings available in any other open source.